Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard

Discover your organisation's score

This assessment helps you to see how well your organisation has the steps in place to deliver digital accessibility.

There are about 70 questions and it will take you about 20 minutes to complete. It looks at digital accessibility across 9 dimensions.

After completing the scorecard, you will get an immediate score. After beta testing we will offer a 20 page personalised report, with tips and next steps.

Accessibility Limitations.

Currently this survey doesn’t work with the keyboard, and requires a mouse or hand gestures (on a touchscreen) to complete it. Some of the forms do not give as good an experience with a screen reader as we would like. Fixes for all of these issues are being worked on. In the meantime, if these limitations cause you any difficulties, please contact us at and we can offer you an alternative way of completing the Scorecard.

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